32 Neat Things

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Here are a bunch of my favorite things linked up for you.  None of them are affiliate links, so you know I’m not trying to recommend things just to make a buck.  Check them out and leave a comment afterwards – maybe let me know a few of your favorite things.
  1. Book:  The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollen – Just read it
  2. Contribute your expertise & get press through H.A.R.O.
  3. Blog:  http://foodcurated.com/ – awesome video blog by passionate locavore Liza.  Amazing production quality!
  4. Cheap Travel:  Go couchsurfing or rent out a neat house
  5. Back issues of Gourmet Magazine.  Look for them on ebay for cheap.
  6. Book:  Born to Run by Christopher Mcdougall – will make you yearn to run!
  7. Blog:  Joy the Baker –  Cause I only eat sugar when I make it.  Great storytelling writing.
  8. Point & Shoot Camera – Panasonic Lumex  dmc-fz35– I use it and love it great zoom, great value!
  9. Go save a precious life, shelter dogs make great pets!! http://www.petfinder.com/
  10. Google Docs – Autosave and free online storage, what more could you want?
  11. Book:  Bountiful Container by Rose Mcgee and Maggie Stuckey – Grow something dammit!
  12. Magazine:  Body & Soul.  Its so commercial, but I sooo love it!  And only $10 for a subscription.
  13. Go see live music.  I suggest Broken Social Scene!
  14. Craft Beer – Support your local brewer!
  15. Book:  The Concise Guide to Self-Sufficiency by John Seymour.  The ultimate homesteading resource!
  16. Join a CSA and get your meat locally.  Enough said!
  17. Victorinox Fibrox 8-inch Chefs Knife.  Best knife for the price!  Also, get a sharpener & use it.
  18. Go to your local farmer’s market and spend!
  19. Join a team sport in your community. (no link here, sorry)
  20. Learn the power of meditation with The Joy of Living by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche
  21. Favorite Recipe Blogs:  101 Cookbooks and Smitten Kitchen
  22. Another inspiring locavore blog with good video’s:  http://cookingupastory.com/
  23. Drink Kombucha!  And make it yourself!  Yum
  24. If getting married & like simplicity, check out the blog A Practical Wedding
  25. If you blog, be sure to browse the article at Problogger.net for good tips.
  26. Practice simplicity.  Reduce your possessions and join the small house movement.
  27. Make things by hand.  Check out http://www.instructables.com/ for neat ideas.
  28. Hang out online with people who share your interests.  Try Google Blogsearch & search Twitter.
  29. Organize your life on Backpack by 37 Signals
  30. Book:  Crush it! by Gary Vaynerchuk. Cash it on your passion!!! – P.S. – I’ve always wanted to subscribe to his online wine tastings wine club.
  31. Make the most amazing pizza using a cast iron pizza pan.  Maybe go with a whole-wheat dough.
  32. Grab your dancing shoes and check out the song 32 things by moe.   Yeah for fun!

PS.  Let me know if a link doesn’t seem to be working.   Love you all!

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