9 Healthy Tweeters You Should Follow

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My hope is to suggest 8 people that all offer something a little different from one another.  In their own way, each of them makes a unique contribution to the healthy living community.

Join the conversation – follow these people to get a wide perspective from the wellness front.

@drweil – (The Love-able Doctor) Don’t follow him for his sweet beard alone, follow him because he walks the walk and talks the talk.  When it comes to integrative medicine, natural health and well-being – this guy knows what he’s talking about.  I happen to LOVE his cookbook The Healthy Kitchen.

@101cookbooks – (The Super Natural Cook) Heidi from the site 101cookbooks.com tweets about all things healthy and vegetarian.   Plenty of links to amazing recipes.  I love her website and appreciate her lifestyle of super natural eating.  She’s awesome….follow her….thats all I’ve got to say.

@HarvardGUTS –  (The Team of Doctors)  Tweets from The Growing Up Today Study (GUTS).  GUTS was started in 1996 as a long-term prospective investigation to evaluate factors that influence weight change.  Expect good tweets about nutrition and general wellness.  And they share lots of clinical studies.   Brand new twitter account, so go show your support for trustworthy medical advice.

@FarmForward – (The Educator)  Ben Goldstein tweets about Farm Forward’s core mission of working to promote conscientious food choices, reduce farm animal suffering, and advance sustainable agriculture.

@rawgoraw – (The Raw Food Queen) Natural Health Consultant, yoga teacher, raw foodiest, and artist.   Gabrielle Gingras tweets mostly about raw food and links to some great recipes.   Although I’m not an advocate of strictly raw food, it obvious  its good for you.  And raw food can make a really quick snack or meal.

@MichaelPollan – (The Policy Guy) The bestwelling author of the amazing books The Omnivore’s Dilemma, In Defense of Food:  An Eater’s Manifesto, and Food Rules. Michael is a graceful communicator and very well-educated on the problems of American’s Industrial Food Complex.  Follow him for good public policy and nutrition tweets.

@cookingupastory – (The Film Crew) Tweets from the grassroots variety show about people, food, and sustainable living.   Lots of good information from the local foods front.   After visiting their twitter account, be sure to head over to their website and view some of the amazing short films they have produced and dig around for great recipes.

@kevinrose – (The Health Conscious Techie)  This is kind of a fun/random one I thought ‘d throw in to the mix.  Kevin Rose is the founder of digg.com. He’s a tea enthusiast and general health and well-being type of dude.   Lots of good and funny technology related tweets if your into that sort of thing.

@healthychelle – (The Dork)  FOLLOW ME!!!  Of course you should follow ME!  I’m too busy to tweet a ton so I promise not to clog your stream.  I’ll lay down some random healthy tidbits every now and then.   I would be absolutlely honered if you’d follow me.  And say hi when you get a chance.

Well thats it folks!  Get on twitter and get talking healthy.  In my opinion, this is the most important conversation our world can have.  By eating a local whole foods diet, we can reduce childhood obesity, reduce global warming, and lower the price of health care.

Let me know in the comments any other healthy living bloggers you enjoy following.

See you on twitter!

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