Nerd Surfing: April 2010

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Here are some neat, hilarious, healthy, awesome, or interesting things I found while on the nerdbox surfing around the web the last couple months.

Bored or want to procrastinate on your creative projects for a little longer? Click around and see what you find.  Some things deal with healthy food and some are just straight up random.

Food Stuff:

First, these two blog posts could just change your life:

Honeymoon planning is super fun! This AWESOME breakfast pizza recipe was adapted from a bakery in Big Sur, CA that we’ll be visiting during our honeymoon in September (so excited!).

For desert, this is about as healthy as amazingly delicious brownies get:  Almond Butter Pumpkin Brownies (only 5 ingredients!!)

I know lots of people reading this are either curious about or probably drink kombucha tea.  We brew it here at home so this article (even though important) made me a little sad. (hat-tip to Gina at Candid RD)


If you want, we would love to have you chime in on our discussion on about “What’s the hardest part of Eating Healthy?“  Lots of great responses so far…

Here is the Greek’s secret to longevity:  cook amazing dishes like this Green’s Pie (video) and share it with your friends and family (ohh, and drink plenty of red wine too).

Straight Up Random Stuff:

Thinking about having kids? Your going to want to teach them how to tie their shoelaces this way so they can be the coolest kids in their class.  And make sure to stay organized with this incredibly simple online to-do list.

(Interesting) Get rid of your car, pull your kids out of school, and cancel your cable TV.  On a re-imagined society:

OK, that’s it for now.  I hope I didn’t make you procrastinate on your projects for too long.  I think maybe you should read this one last article.

Have a great week everyone! Love, Michelle

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